Growing Up

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Zoe Dunn

In our childhoods, we always looked forward to parties, birthdays, and holidays because when we were younger, looking forward to these occasions brought us a lot of joy and would later on become great memories. 

Once we get older though, all the excitement and joy of our childhood changed, and we no longer feel the spark like we used to. These occasions don’t feel as thrilling as they used to, making us realize we are maturing and  growing up. Why is it that once we mature, we lose all excitement from our younger years and feel differently towards these events?



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If we look back at our younger selves, we come to realize we were full of innocence and more vibrant until we reached adulthood. Children at the age of seven have their mind live in the present moment. Kids who have a present mind experience less anxiety, worry, regret, and sadness. 

In the early years, kids have beliefs that will eventually change as they get older. Those beliefs can be Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny etc. Over time the wonder wears off and the truth is told. These memories will stay with us throughout our lifetime. 



As we get older, our beliefs change from when we were younger and start to mature. Part of growing up means cherishing our childhood memories and moving forward to the next stage in our lives. Our minds develop from a young stage, and keep developing as we get older. As we become adults, we are becoming more independent. This can be learning how to do our own chores, working, paying for bills/taxes, learning how to drive etc. We start to mature because, once we get older, we start to receive more challenging tasks and responsibilities. 



Maturing levels can differ for many people; this can be for adults, teens, and even some children. Getting someone else’s opinion about growing up can give you insight into what other people think. This person will be kept anonymous in the interview and receive five questions. 


Question one: When did you stop believing in fairytales? 

“I was twelve years old when I stopped believing in them. I found out there was no Santa Claus and I remember being so upset by it.” 


Question two: How did you feel when things changed from your childhood to then adulthood? 

“I felt sad.” 


Question three: What was your first adult experience? What was it about this experience that made you feel like an adult? 

“Getting a job at the age of 13.” 


Question four: What are some things you liked/didn’t like when you reached adulthood? 

“I disliked having more responsibility, taking care of chores, paying for my own school clothes and having a job. I liked being able to choose the clothing I wanted to buy because I had a job that would help pay for them” 


Question five: What is some advice you could give to kids reaching adulthood or growing up? 

“Don’t be afraid to start new things. There are always opportunities to grow. These new responsibilities help mold you to be a better adult.”



Growing up is hard to do. As part of growing up, we have to set our own responsibilities and learn to do them on our own. As we grow older, we learn valuable lessons throughout life. We have wonderful memories from our childhood and lifes lessons as we grow up.