Save the Bees


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Sarah Graninger, Writer

Our entire population, and many other species, rely on bee’s pollination for survival. Our whole ecosystem is balanced because of their pollination, and we would all be left with little to no survival resources. The importance of this species makes it predominant to find ways to protect the bees.


What is happening to the Bees?

There are many reasons for bee extinction, but here are a few of the main reasons on the report of

  • Pesticides
  • Habitat loss
  • Global warming/climate change
  • Droughts
  • Pollution 
  • Nutrition Deficit 
  • Parasites


Why This is So Important 

Pollination is a huge factor in how our ecosystem works. It is a keystone part to plant reproduction. Bee’s are essentially what fertilize trees, food plants, seeds, and flowers. Many species are unable to co-exist without the connections bees have with our ecosystem. Humans don’t only rely on bees for food sources, but we also rely on them for our oxygen source. According to, “honey bees — wild and domestic — perform about 80 percent of all pollination worldwide.” Besides the point of simple human decency, there should be a strong desire to help bees thrive. 


How Humans Harm the Bees

Chemical Residue/ Pesticides are put on plants and farm land to keep pests away. But when bees come to pollinate, they are met with a toxic plants and flowers. They kill or change the behavior of bees, and lots of research shows that’s the main cause.

Land development is a huge part of why bees are losing their habitats. Not only does it take away from their homes, but it takes away chances and places for them to pollinate and reproduce. 

Poor BeeKeeping, and the making of domestic bees, effects the wild bees species because domestic bees show aggressive behavior, while competing for nectar and pollen. Bee keeping is not about conserving bees, but about the human enjoyment of it.

Global Warming/Climate change takes out a lot of pollinators. When the Earths heats up, the bees are out of sync with the weather patterns, which also causes Nutritional stress. 

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How You Can Help

-Reducing the use of harmful chemicals is a great way to help the bees/environment. Although sometimes your personal use of a product wont effect the bees, the companies you buy them from are. Stop supporting companies that create chemicals that harm bees!

-Grow Bee Friendly Garden is a perfect way to give bees around you the resources to properly pollinate. 

-Eat Sustainable Honey. While shopping for honey, look for a beekeeper who is ethical, either being a balanced bee keeper, natural bee keepers, and/or biodynamic bee keepers. They all use ethical and moral practices.

Saving the Bees should be a priority to everyone!