United States Regions Ranked

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Thomas Sunkenberg, Writer

The United States is a beautiful and vast country. It stretches from two different oceans, a massive desert, and multiple snow-capped mountains. America is split up into different regions based on their features. You may wonder, which regions are the best? To find this out we’re going to have to rank them on a multitude of factors.

Factors to Consider

  • Landscape
  • Food Culture
  • Expenses
  • Weather

9. The Great Plains             

The Great Plains can sometimes be called the heartland of America for one main reason, farming. This region’s landscape is entirely flat, barren, and uneventful. The only use this region has is farming. The population of the region is unsurprisingly low. The only history this region is known for is the massacre of the native population and the dust bowl. The weather is either deathly hot or frigidly cold. The only upside this region has is its low cost of living and college sports teams. 

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The name Midwest alludes to the character of the region, being mid. Compared to the Great Plains, the Midwest is infinitely better. The Great Lakes add heavily to the beauty of this region. Cities such as Chicago and Madison add great life to this region with food, culture, and landmarks.

The downsides of this region are similar to the Great Plains. Other than the Great Lakes this region is extremely bland. I’m sure there is plenty of beauty in small areas of this region, but it’s mostly bland. The only exception is Michigan, which is beautiful and diverse. From the beaches and lakes to the bustling cities, Michigan is the shining light of the Midwest. 

7. South East 

This is where the rankings start to become difficult. This was not an easy choice but the Southeast is next. The Southeast has amazing landscapes from the smoky mountains of Tennessee to the beautiful beaches of Florida and the Carolinas. The culture is especially rich in Florida with a melting pot of different cultures from the Caribbean. The food of this region may not be healthy, but it tastes amazing. Barbecues, fried chicken, and soul food are some of the reasons cities of this region are on the map.

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The main downside to this region was the weather. The weather in the Southeast is humid, rainy, and scorching. When you walk out of the Orlando airport for the first time you get hit in the face with overwhelming humidity and heat. This weather makes aspects of life in the south miserable. 

6. Mid-Atlantic 

The Mid-Atlantic has an abundance of ups and downs. The ups are New York City and upstate New York. NYC is the most famous city in the world and is the heart of America. New York City has fantastic food, culture, and entertainment. The city alone brings life to the Mid-Atlantic. Upstate New York contains tons of beauty from the Adirondacks to Niagra Falls.

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The downside to this region is the neighboring state, New Jersey. My thoughts for New Jersey are horrendous, but for a good reason. Jersey has horrific traffic, taxes, and population density. The suburbs are not suburbs at all, they’re just tiny cities with houses connected that seem to stretch forever. I define New Jersey as suburban hell. 

5. South West  

The Southwest of the United States is stunning. The landscape is stunning from the mountains of Northern Arizona to The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon alone contributes more than anything to this region. The weather is hot and dry, however, humidity is nonexistent. This region has some of the best food.

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Mexican food is traditional and rich in flavor, and the barbeque meats from Texas are unopposed by anything else. 

The downside of this region would ultimately be the weather. The weather isn’t humid,  but the heat is just too much. In 2020, the average temperature in Phoenix was 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures make it a really tough region to live in. Climate Change will ravish this region in the future. Unfortunately, such a beautiful landscape is destroyed by the weather. 


4. Alaska and Hawaii  

These two remote states are unlike anything else in the world. They are by far the most beautiful out of any other region. From the volcanic beaches of Hawaii to the mountains by the sea in Alaska the landscapes are nothing less than magnificent.

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The issue of this region is its livability. Alaska and Hawaii are far, really far. To reach this region it’s usually multiple long and grueling plane rides. Living or spending time here would cost you a hefty amount. Honolulu is 4% more expensive to live in than New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

3. West Coast  

The West coast is one of the most diverse regions in the United States. It has a desert, ocean, and mountains. You can ski in the mountains of California and then go for a swim on the beaches of Los Angeles all on the same day. California has amazing food and culture. Hollywood is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world. Hollywood is a larger-than-life symbol of the entertainment industry. The weather is ideal, there is little humidity and extreme heat.  

The cost of living in this region is larger than anywhere else in the United States. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle will cost you a boatload to live in. Out of the top 10 most expensive cities in the United States, the west coast has 5 of them. 


 2. The Rocky Mountains 

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This region is famous for one main attraction, the mountains. The Mountains give life to this region. With skiing, hiking, and biking all being common activities in the Rocky Mountains, your outdoor opportunities are endless. The beauty in this region is complicated to put into words because of its potency. The weather is cold in the winter, but not too cold, and hot in the summer, but not too hot. This region is not necessarily known for its food, but it has its delicacies. Bison is a delicacy that is mainly only available in the Rocky Mountains. The downsides are few and far between, therefore, The Rocky Mountains are one of the best regions in the United States.

1. New England

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New England truly has it all. The diversity in this region is unmatched by anything else. The mountains in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are gorgeous and especially stunning in fall and winter. The ocean and the city are a vital part of New England as well. Cape Cod, Bar Harbor, and Boston Harbor are a few of the stunning oceanside areas in New England. Boston itself is one of the most livable cities in the United States. The weather is perfect, however, the cold in the winter can be grueling at times. Overall, New England is the best region because of its diversity. No other region offers the city, ocean, and mountains like New England. Another factor that went into this decision is that this region is my home, and it will always have a special place in my heart.