Black Friday Craziness

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Johnny Igoe, Writer

It’s that time of year where days turn into crazy madness around the holidays. The day after Thanksgiving, where people just ate the biggest meal of their lives, is where it all begins. The year 1980 is where Black Friday got its name and popularity around the United States. 


With Christmas being a month away, shoppers will stay up for stores to open with huge deals on items. Big brand named stores like Nike, Nordstrom, HP, and Bose all have sales going on this year with over 50% off. People take advantage of this  mainly for their Christmas list shopping, and as you know, items sell out fast!  


Staying up all night with friends or family waiting for stores to open is the most fun thing about Black Friday. With Christmas right around the corner, it brings more joy and fun into the shopping. Being able to get a sneak peak of gifts in the stores is definitely a good feeling on Black Friday. 


Out of all categories, electronics had the most sold items last year in 2021. Airpod Pros, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs were the top items sold under the electronic category. Although home gadgets and home goods such as Amazon Echo’s, Speakers, towels, and sheets were also highly popular on Black Friday. 


 Brian Kelleher and Nolan Gorski, both seniors, said they go Black Friday shopping every year together. “Best Buy and Dicks Sporting Goods are my go to stores,” Kelleher said. He also recalls that the best sales go on at Best Buy. 


Another Pentucket student, Sam Dasilva, says he does his research before going out and buying items that he may not even need. By doing his research he can “find a deal on a specific item I need.” Coen, a friend of Sam, insists he does stay up for Black Friday. He will usually take a look at Amazon, since “those deals are fire especially with Amazon Prime” as Coen said.


From my personal experience, Black Friday has always been a good time. One year I woke up at 3 am just to go to Best Buy to buy a Tv. The past few years I have gone out for Black Friday. I always notice arguments or fights. About 3 three years ago I noticed a guy at Walmart arguing to a salesman that the sale on the item he was trying to buy was too high. 


Although Black Friday may be crazy, the day is definitely one to remember.