NBA Playoffs 2023

Photo Source: Sports News/Getty Images

Photo Source: Sports News/Getty Images

Adam Post-Montjoie, Writer

The 2023 NBA Playoffs have already had many historic moments, and are due for many more. For the first time in NBA history, one of every seed one through eight is moving on to the second round, showing just how unpredictable these playoffs have been. From upsets to resparking old rivalries, this postseason has potential to be one of the most memorable. 


The first round had 4 series upsets, but by far the most shocking was the Miami Heat’s crushing defeat of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks had the best record in the Eastern Confrence and the entire league by the end of the regular season, and they were the favorites to win the championship this year, as they did in 2021. With the two time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday, and Defensive Player of the Year candidate Brook Lopez, winning against the 8th seed in the East Miami Heat seemed a done deal. However, they could not account for two things, injury, and Jimmy Butler. 


Giannis went out with a back injury very early in the first game, a game that the Heat went on to win. Although Giannis came back for the end of the series, the Bucks could not contain Jimmy Butler, who tied for the 4th highest scoring playoff game ever with 56 points. The series ended in 5 games, with the Heat winning the best of seven series 4-1. This was only the sixth time in NBA history that the first seed has lost to the eighth, a humiliating defeat for the Bucks. 


One of the most hyped up matches of the second round is the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Golden State Warriors, in other words, Lebron James vs. Stephen Curry. This will be the fifth time the players have met in the postseason, and the first time not in the NBA Finals. With the age of both players (Lebron will be the oldest in the league next season), this may be the last time these two generational players will match up in the playoffs, making it a must watch. The Warriors have not lost a Western Confrence playoff series since 2014, and the Lakers will have to break that streak to move on to the next round.


The Boston Celtics moved on to the second round after beating the Atlanta Hawks in six games, and are currently playing the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers have the 2023 MVP Joel Embiid and the 2018 MVP James Harden, making them an intimidating team. However, in recent years the Sixers almost always lose to the Celtics during the playoffs, with the Celtics having a 9-2 record against them in the last six years. This matchup will likely decide who will go to the Finals from the East, as the winner will be expected to beat either the Knicks or Heat in the next round.


Unlike many years there is no obvious favorite to win the championship, making these playoffs very suspenseful. No matter who wins, only one fanbase will be happy when it’s all over.