An Old Photograph: Poetry

Walking down a road,

Only got my shoes and an old photograph which I’m forced to hold,

And while I walk this decaying path, my future looks cold.

This photo contains the only thing left that keeps me alive,

In a universe where the whole world has died,

And most of the ghosts around me ask me how can you survive?

It’s because I’ve got your smile to be my guide,


You are the reflection,

You are my life and keep my soul ignited,

Even when these demons come in uninvited.

Because you had everything I wanted now I have to fight it just to try and make sure we don’t stay divided.

Because I went on and on in a 360 spin,

Wondering will it bring us back again?

To those cold brisk fall nights with you asleep on my arm,

And those cold winter nights where our warmth kept us from harm.

And even now I walk through a washed up desert full of pain,

But not from the soreness in my throat it’s the thought I’ll never see you again,

Yet I still go on.

I continue to thrive and all the spirits of past people ask me;

How can you survive?

I survive because I’ve got your smile to be my guide,

You are my reflection,

You are my life that keeps my soul ignited,

Even though these demons come in uninvited!

You had everything I wanted and now I’ve decided,

I can no longer keep our two worlds divided.

I stop, take a breath,

I’m done with this strife,

One last breath the last human life,

But I feel the softness of my loves hands and her telling me things will be well again.

And I tell her it’s hard,

Things didn’t work out the way we planned,

Now I’ve come here to meet you to say I’m your man,

Yet you want me to stay here eternally damned.

Then I realize you are the last demon for me to fight

I said no more spirits,

And kissed my love goodnight.