Election at Pentucket

“Every four years the citizens of Massachusetts have the opportunity to set the course of government for our state and its communities. The leadership that you select will make important decisions that will affect you and your family. I urge you to participate in this process.”


William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth, expressed his support for all Massachusetts’ residence to vote this Tuesday, November 4, 2014, but are all people really educated enough about the political standings today to vote? After interviewing some of the minimal amount of Pentucket seniors eligible to vote this election, I have found that the answer is a definite no; some people have no clue what is going on.


The extent of knowledge coming from the majority of these seniors is solely based on who is running. No one really knows what they are voting for supplementary to governor; Kayla Kravchuk rambled on various issues facing the nation, but most are not being asked in this 2014 election. Kravchuk thinks “there is the gas tied to inflation issue, there’s the abortion issue, and jobs and economy. There are immigration issues, and there’s more, I just don’t know them all.”


Unaware of the actual questions, Kravchuk did know that these issues are affecting the nation, but Massachusetts’ election concerns only one of the issues she stated: Gas tax. Luckily, Kravchuk is not alone, as both Sean McGrath and Shannon Fitzgerald all knew nothing about the election.


McGrath had nothing to say but, “I know Martha Coakley doesn’t know the gas tax.”


Fitzgerald had even less to say, proudly stating, “I know nothing about voting! I am not even signed up to vote!” She redeemed herself slightly when she added, “I know there are signs that say ‘vote no’ on question three!”


So it seems that our Pentucket seniors are just as oblivious as Coakley when it comes to Massachusetts’ issues.


Senior Michaela Pierce knew slightly more than her counterparts, indicating that she knew “they are trying to stop forced bottle deposits,” but she went on to say, “that’s all I know.”


The vast lack of knowledge makes it very discouraging when it comes to the polls on Tuesday. How can people vote for things they know nothing about? If people vote without knowledge nothing will ever be accomplished in this country. But it will all make a difference if people just follow JC Honer’s advice and care about what it is going in the world. If stuck, Honer offers, “Political parties aside, you have to vote for the better candidate.”