“Procrastination: to be slow or late about doing something that should be done,” quoted by the Merriam Webster Dictionary. The Merriam Webster definition of procrastination makes out the word to be something negative. However, does a little bit of procrastination help students?

Junior Sophie Capobianco says, “Yes I procrastinate a lot, I think everyone does. It’s not because we are bad students. I think we procrastinate because we’re working all day long and it’s impossible for our brains to always stay on task.”

Also a junior, Alison Carr says, “I procrastinate all the time. I think procrastination sometimes can be good because it’s good to take a break and take about a half an hour to do something you actually want to do.”

A lot of students agree that a little bit of procrastination is a good thing. However, Junior Mitch Murray believes, “Nothing good comes from procrastination. Most people just sit on their phones and don’t get don’t what they need to get done.”

When Senior Ian Davis was asked how he procrastinated, he listed off a lot of different ways. Watching YouTube videos, eating snacks, checking social media, and rapping are some of the many ways in which Ian procrastinates.

Also a senior, Mike Masterson said, “I always find something more fun to do. Whether it be skateboarding, or going on the trampoline. I always stay active.”

What are the best and worst ways to procrastinate? While you’re thinking about that, I am going to go check my phone and finish writing this article tomorrow.