Just A Little Appreciation

Throughout the entire school year, teachers often lack appreciation from students for everything that they do. Christmas time is a perfect time of the year to give teachers a little something in order to thank them for everything that they do for you. A little something can go a long way.

“If I were to get anything from a student for Christmas, it would be to get an A on their next exam. This would mean more to me than a present,” says chemistry teacher Mr. Goguen. Although an A is hard to get in an AP Chemistry course, it is possible and this would make Mr. Goguens Christmas much more special.

Health teacher Mrs. CC says, “I would want my students to gain the willingness to want to learn more about themselves.” Since Mrs. CC teaches health, it would mean more than anything to her for her students to be interested in what they are taught in class.

Librarian Mrs. Costello said, “I’m really hard to buy for. The thing I would want most for Christmas from a student is a thank you note. That would show me that they really appreciate me.”

Whether it’s getting an A in class, willingness to learn more about themselves, or a thank you note, these are thinks for teachers you don’t even need to buy and it would mean so much more than an actual gift.

However, some teachers would really want an actual present.

Mrs. Merritt said, “The best present a student could give me is a weeks’ vacation. I would only accept it if it were to a tropical island. Is that too much to ask for?” Not only does Mrs. Merritt seem stressed out, but she also seems to have high expectations.

Math teacher, Mr. Angelli, thinks, “I would want a kindle gift card. I like my kindle and I would like a gift card to use for it.” A gift card is a little less costly than a weeks’ vacation, and would make Mr. Angelli extremely happy throughout the holidays.

“The best thing a student could do for me for Christmas is to wash and vacuum my car. It’s so messy and would make my life so much easier.” This may not be an actual present, but it appears that if you want to be on Mrs. Cromwell’s good side this holiday season, you should get out your cleaning supplies and vacuum.

Some teachers really want little thank you notes or an A on their next exam. However, other teachers would like a weeks’ vacation to a tropical island. Either way, teachers deserve a little appreciation around the holiday season, and something as simple as a thank you note would make their Christmas that much more special.

If you were to get a teacher anything, what would you get them?