Offed at the Bake Off


Coming to Pentucket High School is a story about a bake-off. No, not a bake-off itself, but the play Offed at the Bake-Off.


The setting is a stormy night in 1955, just before the 33rd Knotting Bake-Off. But something has gone terribly wrong; a whole group of students were poisoned and killed. Now it’s up to the contestants at the Bake-Off to try and figure out what happened. A detective gets involved and even asks the audience to try and help figure out what happened.


The play is in the Pentucket High School Auditorium October 15 and 16 at 7pm, and on October 17 at 2 and 7pm. Tickets start at ten dollars but can be bought in advance for fifteen.


Pentucket senior Joe Raimondi, involved with the football team and the play, said the short work he did with the play was “pretty lively and a good time.” He also gave a hint, something to do with the “murder cupcakes” that also appear on the play’s poster.


The cast is as follows:

Fiona Hill as Gabby Goober

Bryan Marden as Scottie Scarsdale

Josef Allen as Detective Detective

Lindsey Karalias as Helen Haggerty

Sam Romano as Pauline Pingleton

Cam Mulcahy as Wally Walford

Justin Peavey as Clyde Chesterfield

Ashley Thistlewood as Sister Mary Martha

Hailey Vlass as Ethel Edinberg

Savana Silva as Mysterious Woman

Victoria Kelleher as Ernestina Edinberg

Amelia Luke as Marjorie Margarine

Olivia Dube as Velma Pittlefish

Delaney MacFarland as Thelma Pittlefish

Melanie Adams as Blanche Pittlefish

Joe Raimondi as Brutus Badour (Thursday and Saturday)

Daniel DiCamillo as Brutus Badour (Friday)