Spectre: To Watch or Not to Watch?

The James Bond film series has been around since 1962. If you’re a bond fan like myself, you’ve come to expect a lot in the way of fast cars, despicable villains, exhilarating action, and high-tech gadgetry.


So, why should you buy a ticket to see Spectre?


  • The opening scene takes place in bustling Mexico City on Día de los Muertos. The combination of the colorful costumes, the movement of people through the streets, and the rhythm of traditional music all serve to immerse you in the initial atmosphere of the movie. The flawless camerawork gives this scene a fluidity that makes you feel as though you are being guided through the streets of Mexico City. You get the sense that you are actually part of the festivities.
  • Bond movies have always been known for their variety of exotic locations. Spectre is no different and you will leave the theatre with an urge to jet off to the glistening, snowy mountainsides of Austria or the arid deserts of Tangier. Somehow, Bond is always appropriately suited-up, wearing a perfectly tailored ensemble for the climate. The guy can run in a suit and barely break a sweat. Impressive.
  • Spectre is not all explosive action and encounters with Bond girls. The writers obviously wanted to make sure moviegoers experienced a full range of emotions, so they tossed in a smattering of humour throughout the film. The funnier bits are a welcome relief from some of the more intense moments in Spectre.


So, what might hold you back from seeing the film?


  • In this latest 007 installment, there are a lot of references to prior Bond movies. They’re pretty obvious. Actually, they are so obvious that even the most casual viewer of Bond films will pick up on them. A few would have been good, but the writers overindulged. It feels somewhat like Spectre stole memorable moments and character types from other Bond films, rather than coming up with more original material.
  • In my opinion, the theme song “The Writing’s on the Wall,” performed by Sam Smith, pales in comparison to “Skyfall.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m no Adele fan. However, Spectre’s theme seems to be missing some piece of the Bond theme song formula. I can’t say exactly what it is, but the ridiculously high pitch at which Sam Smith is forced to sing doesn’t help.
  • A few of the action scenes are just a tad drawn out. I understand that James Bond is supposed to be a man of incredible stamina, but c’mon now. He has the unrealistic ability to walk away unscathed from situations which would put any other human being in a body bag. No explosion, no car crash, no long-distance fall can put a bruise on that guy.


To watch or not to watch? The choice is up to you. Even if you don’t love Spectre, you’ll definitely have something to talk about afterward.