Stereotypical Pentucket Style


In this day and age, new trends are constantly gaining and losing popularity. These trends are evident in the halls of Pentucket, but what does the stereotypical Pentucket student actually wear?


One user on Urban Dictionary, “pentucket kid”, said that at Pentucket ““Almost every girl owns Uggs, yoga pants and a Northface. And that’s what they [Pentucket girls] wear everyday. They  all own iPhones.”


Does this generalized (and somewhat shallow) statement about Pentucket really apply to most students at our school?


Sophomore Liza Russell agrees, and she estimates that about 90% of the student body at Pentucket owns an iPhone. “It’s very common, not just in our school but for most kids our age,” she says.


As many students describe the most common clothing trends they have noticed in school, a common theme seems to be a large price tag.


Some of the most expensive brands include The North Face, Patagonia, Sperry Topsider, Vineyard Vines, Uggs, Vans, and Nike.


Popular trends for seem to have taken over the female percentage of the student body. “It seems like every girl owns white Converse or a Patagonia fleece,” says Emily McFarland, sophomore. Leggings, jeans, and tall boots seem to be other essentials for a female student at Pentucket.


Hayley Palermo, another sophomore, adds that Vera Bradley lunch boxes and L.L. Bean boots are very popular.


The guys, although they seem to care less about their appearance than girls, often make Pentucket seem like a uniformed school. “Guys wear khakis, Sperrys, and Vineyard Vines every day. Sometimes they wear flannels and sweatpants in the winter, but some even wear shorts,” says McFarland.


Melina Demokritou agrees in regards to the odd clothing choice for guys during the coldest months of the year. “Weather does not seem to faze the guys at Pentucket. They still seem to wear shorts in negative degree weather,” she says.


She goes on to say that some of the most common trends at Pentucket are not even the clothes that people wear. “The most common items are definitely North Face backpacks and Camelbak water bottles,” she says. She thinks that most people follow the stereotypical trends of school because they are afraid of judgement by their peers.


Ms. Villani, Latin teacher, describes the stereotypical Pentucket student as looking like they “crawled out of bed in pajamas.” She says that underclassmen often put more effort into their everyday appearance, while juniors and seniors are already sporting the “college dorm look.”


Older students, according to Villani, don’t care about brands or labels as much as younger students. “Upperclassmen have their own style,” she says.


A student’s decision about what to wear tends to stem from his or her desire for comfort as well as style. Being able to find a balance between the two is tricky, but once achieved, their choices are often adopted by other students. These trends have taken over Pentucket, and who knows what will be next?