Top 5 Slept On Inventions


Always overlooked, always ignored, always proving doubters wrong. This is the sleeper.


Throughout history, amazing things have been created by man. But some do not get the credit that they deserve. Welcome to the top five most slept on inventions of all time.


  1. Air Mattresses – Talk about a sleeper, am I right. The air mattress is the ultimate go-to for when you are trying to fall asleep in a pinch. Also, air mattresses are as discreet as it gets. No one has ever tripped over an air mattress, because when that bad boy is not in use you just deflate that sucker ‘till the cows come home and throw it in the closet. Almost everyone has got an air mattress but almost no one has the proper air mattress appreciation.


  1. Toaster Ovens – The toaster oven. Everyone on planet Earth should have a toaster oven of their own. An absolute essential to human life. Yet, they go almost completely unnoticed. Despicable. The toaster oven is the future of preparing food. Is it a toaster? No. Is it an oven? No! It is the most perfect combination imaginable. Chocolate and peanut butter, Pippen and Jordan, Dr. Ruland and a good book 🙂 They were made for each other.


  1. Fanny Packs – There have been a lot of horrible and terrifying things that have been left in the past; however, fanny packs are not one of those things. It is a massive shame that people do not think fanny packs are “cool” or “neat.” They are the most functional things on the planet.


  1. Plastic utensils that highly resemble metal utensils – The future is now. These things should really be the talk of the town, yet not a soul seems to care. These are the perfect combinations of luxury and affordability. Real deal steel utensils can really break the bank and leave you wondering, “what went wrong?” Well fear not because these plastic utensils will turn your life around in a second.


  1. Shoehorn – The most slept on invention ever, period. Everyone on planet Earth has struggled to put their shoes on at least once in their life. If they said they have not, then they are either lying through their crooked teeth or they are a die hard shoehorn user. People these days walk around with untied shoes, slippers, and Alden Merrel slip-on loafers just because they are easy to put on. Well why not just get a shoehorn making every shoe as easy to put on as the coziest pair of slippers you own.


Honorable Mentions


-Samurai Swords

-Teddy Grahams

-Trash Trucks