Parents and Underage Drinking


Underage drinking scares most parents due to the risk of teens drinking and driving, as well as the idea of their children not being in control, as it can impair the decisions they make.

However, most parents drank when they were underage too.

Pentucket Latin teacher, Mrs. Villani, fully admits to drinking when she was a minor. Her experiences with underage drinking were situations she seems to be relieved that she does not fully remember. She says, “Every time I drank as a kid I threw up after and regretted it.” When she was younger she also knew of peers of hers when she was younger who died at parties due to underage drinking, which gives her a better understanding of how serious it is.

As a result of her experiences as a minor, Mrs. Villani now has strict rules on underage drinking in her home, as she has children of her own now, one being a junior in high school. She states that if any of her daughter’s friends shows up to her home drunk, “I will send them home in an Uber.” Mrs. Villani believes that instead of underage drinking at parties, a nice alternative would be for teens to have a bonfire with friends.

Other parents also feel the same way towards underage drinking, as they do not want their children to be in any type of danger. Although some teens may think that their parents are being unreasonable and overprotective, parents really just want to make sure their children are safe.