Halloween Movies

Halloween Movies

Madi Chute, Writer

During the fall season, Halloween movies are rapidly coming out to boost everyone’s excitement for the holiday. Even with new movies coming out all the time, there is still a demand to watch popular Halloween themed movies from years before.

During this time, many different genres of movies come out. Anywhere from the classic horror film to a family movie, like a Disney original, bring excitement and happiness to a lot of people.

Here at Pentucket, according to a poll I took on my twitter, the favorite Halloween movie is Halloweentown. This movie is about a girl named Marnie who learns she is a witch, and helps to save Halloweentown, which is a town full of other supernatural creatures.

Other runner ups in this poll include Beetlejuice, A Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Monster House, Friday the 13th, and Scream. All these movies are Halloween classics but are always enjoyable throughout the year!

I then went around the school to see what student’s and staff’s favorite movies are. Mr. Harty said that his favorite movie would either be “the original Halloween, the original Carrie, or the original Friday the 13th.”  Mr. Harty also said that “suspense, mood music, and not gore” make a good Halloween movie. Less is more!

I also talked to sophomore, Annika Ellis. Just like my poll, her favorite movie is Halloweentown. She thinks that a good Halloween movie is made up of “over the top Halloween themes”. A movie that’s full of constant Halloween references is one for her!

Lastly, I talked to Dr. Bent. Her favorite Halloween movie “would have to be Rocky Horror Picture Show” as she is not a big fan of horror filled films. But if it did have to be a horror movie, Dr. Bent would chose The Birds. Just like Mr. Harty, she thinks that a movie filled with anticipation and scary music makes it a lot better. To her, the gore does not make a movie better.

Overall, people at Pentucket seem to like a wide variety of Halloween movies. As we get closer to Halloween, the hype for the holiday will continue to get bigger and bigger at school.