Senior Feature: Mia Thistlewood


Photo Source: Kiki Larouge Photography

Parker Greason, Writer

During freshman and sophomore year, Mia ran both indoor and outdoor track. Through these sports, she met a lot of new friends and reached many personal fitness goals! Mia has worked at Dunkin Donuts since her sophomore year and has bussed tables at Ristorante Molise her junior year. She’s also spent time volunteering at The Family and Probate Court where her mom worked.

Mia will definitely miss all of the friends she’s made throughout the years, as well as all of the class events, such as spirit days and creating the Color Day video. She will really miss all of her teachers because each of them have helped her to grow not only as a student, but as a person as well. However, Mr. Lovett was a top favorite of her for sure!

Mia will especially miss walking in every morning to hear Mr. Kowalski and Mr. Thornton waiting for her sister and herself, saying “the Thistelwoods are here” as soon as they got out of the car. 

Mia plans on attending Endicott College for nursing.