Senior Feature: Ryan Soucey

Ben Stedman, Writer

After four incredible years, Ryan Soucey looks back on his time at Pentucket High School. Soucey is a 2020 graduate and has had such a significant time at this school district.

Soucey had quite the career in sports, such as recording four full seasons of hockey. As a valuable part of the team, the school will be missing him.

Looking back, Soucey thinks fondly of his time with his friends. His usual get-togethers were the core of his amazing experience at Pentucket High School.

Soucey worked as a parking attendant at Salisbury Beach during the summer before his senior year. “It was pretty sweet,” he said.

To wrap up high school with one memory, Soucey attributes “going to the bathroom and never knowing what you’ll walk into” as his favorite memories.

Soucey had such a substantial impact on Pentucket High. With his future looking bright, his high school years will serve as a great start to a wonderful life ahead of him.