A Tribute to the Seniors


Photo Source: Pexels

Megan White, Writer

All around the world seniors are feeling a great sense of disconnection to their last year of high school. There is not much I can do to help seniors at other schools, but I do want Pentucket’s senior class to leave feeling special. Let’s change the doubts of the seniors and show them all the appreciation they deserve. To do so, I reached out to students and teachers in all grades and asked them to share special notes for the class of 2021 seniors.

My most common questions to the Pentucket teacher staff was, what is your favorite thing about the senior class? Or, what will you miss most about the senior class?

Mrs. Barlow: 

“They are a very unique class, they have a great sense of humor and are not afraid to share it. They are not afraid to have fun”

Mrs. Merrit:

“I know you all very well and I can joke with all of you. You are all super clever and not so serious. I can have nice causal relationships with you guys; I feel like the aunt to the senior class”

She regrets missing out on so much of the school year with everyone.

Ms. Costello:

“I am going to miss Nick and Joe Bogart, Kyle Castle, Brian Mitchell, Emma Foucher, Rya Distaso, Jameson Andino, Alyssa Coberly, Corey Bettencort,  Edmund Durrant, and Ben Linke. I just want to say you are all like herding cats, but I love you anyways.”

Mr. Langlois:

“I think I can sum up the senior class in two words: Megan White. It seems like all the seniors are pretty psyched to be back. The interactions and atmosphere in my classes are so interesting and I’m glad just everyone is choosing to come back!” 

Mrs. Endyke:

“I am going to miss everyone and the perseverance they had through this crazy time that we dealt with. I will also miss how amazing and fun everyone is. I wish we had more time together when they were juniors. Carry on and be amazing.”

Mr. Thorton: 

“My favorite thing about the senior class is the resilience this class showed. They had arguably the most thrown at them this year and somehow they persevered.” 

Mrs. Millard:

“I have such a hard time when kids leave because we spend so much time with them. We watch them grow and people go through really tough things and mature and then they leave, which is always hard, but I always love it when kids come back and keep in touch.”

Ms. Ducolon:

Besides the teachers, I thought it was also heartening to hear from students themselves. Below are anonymous messages from students in other grades as well as seniors themselves.

“I feel like you are all just a big family and you all are close. You have all been through so much together.”

“I am so happy I got to go through high school with such amazing friends that helped me grow.”

“Thank you to all of my friends that kept me going throughout these years, cheers to you guys!” 

“I could not have gotten through high school without my amazing friends and family to support me along the way.”

“I want to say I am thankful for coaches I have had at Pentucket who have taught me discipline and perseverance.” 

“Thank you to all the teachers who worked hard to get us all where we are today.”

“I am so happy for my friends and to have had them throughout these past four years.”

“This year has put many of us through tough times, but the senior class really came together and made the most out of what we could.”

“Shoutout to my friends; they have been there for me more than I could ever ask these past four years. It is crazy to see how far we have come.”

Covid-19 was something that no one could have ever predicted, nor did people ever expect to have so much time in isolation. But as lonely as this time was, it made people realize the impact of relationships and how important spending time with those who bring happiness truly is. It is amazing how much love and appreciation the class of 2021 and teachers have for each other. I hope this is something to brighten everyone’s day!