Traveling on the Holidays

The holidays are the time of year to be with family, but it may be difficult to get there. Traveling through the holidays can get a little insane. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, traveling during this time of year does become hectic. The plane prices go up, the traffic is crazy, and the stress level on most people begin to rise. No matter what source of transportation you use, stress is close to impossible to avoid.

Keshani Hughes (current PRHS Senior) claims that traveling for the holidays is very treacherous and annoying. Keshani traveled to Northern Maine last winter for Christmas and even though it was only two and half hours long she had much to complain about. “I hate being stuffed in a car packed with dogs and people” Keshani ranted. “The roads are very treacherous depending on the weather,” She also said. She gets to see her loved ones that she doesn’t see often so in the end, the long crammed drive is worth it.

Emily (Senior) and Alison Carr (Sophomore) have traveled to Prince Edward Island, Canada a few times and they gave me lots of information on their twelve hour drive. Emily Carr described their car ride as crammed and obnoxious. Emily explained to me that the gas is always pricey and because of the bad weather, they have to spend the night at a motel which is even more money. Between the four passengers in the car “it is never fun being stuck in a car for a minimum of 12 hours.” She told me a story of one time when they were driving home, the weather was so bad that they witnessed a tractor trailer slid on the ice, break down the guardrail, and land in a ditch. They later heard on the news that, that man died.

Both Keshani and Emily did however talk about how wonderful it is to see their extended family that they don’t ever see. The weather may get bad, and the prices may go up but it’s great to be with family for the holidays. Overall, traveling on the holidays is quite different and more stressful than traveling during the non-holiday season. The holidays are a great time to be with family, and some people will do whatever to be with them.