2021 Fall Sports Season Make Pentucket History


Photo Source: Gabrielle Cloutier

Sarah Graninger, Writer

This year, our fall sports had an extraordinary season. With hard work and perseverance, these fall teams have done the best they have ever. The new school’s construction caused scheduling issues, but they made the best of their situations, and overcame the odds against them. Many of these teams have gone the farthest they have in Pentucket history! Here is what the student athletes on these teams have to say about this season! (Click on the green links to read direct quotes from the team!)


Girls Field Hockey Team

Coached By Ruth Beaton and Dianne Freiermuth

This team has always been known to be determined and hard working. This year they took things to another level! Although they faced problems with a proper practice field, they defeated the odds and did amazing. They took second place in the Cape Ann League with a 5 game winning streak!


Girls Cross Country Team

Coached by Keath Sherman and Robert Ruland

Cross country is a very demanding sport. These student athletes do a great job of managing their school work and their endurance, while running long distances over rough terrain. They dominated, and won against Lynnfield, North Reading, TBD, Newburyport, Triton, and Hamilton Wenham.


Boys Cross Country Team

Coached by Keath Sherman and Robert Ruland

The Boys Cross Country Team had a little bit of a rough year, but managed to beat Lynnfield and North Reading.


Pentuckets Cheerleading Team

Coached by Alison Gadd, and Julie Freites

This year the girls cheerleading team did the best they have in years! With hard work, and the will to think together, they came out with an amazing performance. They attended the Cape Ann League cheerleading competition, The MSAA 2021 North regional Cheerleading competition, and the MSAA 2021 Fall State Championship.


Pentucket Football Team

Coached by Dan Leary and Steve Hayden

This year, the football team did an outstanding job. They have a 9-3 record, averaging with a 75% winning percentage. They came second place in the Cape Ann League, behind North Reading. They won against Triton, Old Rochester, Ipswitch, Lynnfield, Newburyport, Hamilton Wenham, Dracut, and Austin Prep.


Girls Soccer Team

Coached by Daniel Millard and Andy Casey

The girls soccer team worked really hard this year! They have a 7-2-1 record, and  75%winning percentage. They came in second in the Cape Ann League behind North Andover. They won against Lynnfield, Amesbury, Rockport, Essex Tech, Ipswitch, Tewksbury, Manchester Essex, and Triton.


Boys Soccer Team

Coached by Christian Langlois, Dan Domings, and Paul Meltsakos

The boys soccer team successfully brought the ASL cup back home to Pentucket. Working hard to beat Port, they accomplished their goals. They’re overall winning percentage was 8-8-3, and came in 4th in the Cape Ann League, behind Manchester Essex.