Harry Potter vs The Hunger Games vs Twilight

These series of books turned to movies have reputed our generation as obsessive, screaming girls, who chase movie stars and camp out outside of movie theaters for days, decked out in all of their favorite series merchandise. Each fandom has its reasons why they think their books and movies are the best, but which series will stay? Are these fandoms a burning match? Bright and flaming for a few seconds before they abruptly go out and nobody cares anymore? Will they simply get over their obsessions?

Let’s take a deeper look into what these fandoms are made of and find out which of these works of art are here to stay.  

Twilight: This debate has rocked all of the teenage girls and soccer moms in America; team Edward or team Jacob? The Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle has girls getting violent about who belongs with whom, but I think we all eventually realized that Bella does not deserve either of them. Twilight is an incredible, page turning love story, but without the love triangle, what is there? “What else does this book have to offer?” is a common statement made by “panemaniacs” or “potter heads.” Well there is more to Twilight than a silly love story. Does everyone forget about the fact that the Volturi is against the entire Cullen family? The Cullens are on the bad side of the world’s most powerful vampires and it is all because Edward loves Bella too much to follow the most sacred rule in the vampire world! Twilight may have nothing to offer but a love story, but it’s a damn good love story!

The Hunger Games: The concept of society as we know it being turned into a dictatorship has been extremely popular in the book world recently, but no one nailed it quite like Suzanne Collins with her “Hunger Games” series. These books and movies are all the rage at the moment, because the third and final book, ‘Mockingjay,’ has not been turned into a movie yet. Like many other series do with their final book, ‘Mockingjay’ is going to be split into two parts. The anticipation is killing ‘Panemaniacs’ all over the world. This story also has a love triangle, in which Gale and Peeta are both in love with Katniss and she is stuck between the two.  The story goes beyond the triangle and into the arena as Katniss fights for her life. We love Katniss because she is a heroine. One may argue that Katniss can fight, she is strong, and independent, but Bella’s life revolves around Edward. However, Bella gives birth to a vampire and does not get credit for it! They are both strong, but people tend to take more of a liking to Katniss, because she is so independent.

Harry Potter: Nothing can beat a classic like J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.  The seven part book series and eight part movie series is one of the most iconic of all time. What sets “Harry Potter” apart from “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” is the lack of mushy love story. Hermoine and Ron are too stubborn to show their love for each other for most of the series, Neville and Luna do not get together until the end and Harry does not let anyone know that he loves Ginny because if he did, he would put her in danger. “Harry Potter” is so amazing because the love story is not the main focus, which makes it appealing to boys and girls. Not to be stereotypical, but most boys do not like “Twilight” because the entire book is about a love story. With “Harry Potter,” the plot is entertaining enough on its own. The love story in “Harry Potter” is so understated, but it is still an incredible story which makes it appeal to anyone!

Its undeniable that all of these stories are great, but which is the best? Which will we pass down to future generations? Take a vote in the poll to tell us which series you think is the best?