Iconic Students: LucaPro

“He’s a great guy” – Jak Klosowski

“He is the man. There’s just no other way of saying it. Flat out the man.” Davis Jackson.

“Everything Luca does is magically amazing in one form or another.” – Jared Shepard

“Mystery is the essence of LucaPro” –Zack Dresser

It’s no mystery that junior Luca Provencal is one of the most well-known, popular students at Pentucket Regional High School. A talented photographer and videographer, avid longboarder, solid athlete, Honors student, and electronic music composer, Luca’s talents certainly stretch across the board.

Jared Shepard, one of Luca’s close friends, was present at a longboarding competition Luca participated over the summer. The event, called “Longboard for Life,” is a competition held to raise money for cancer research. Jared, Luca, and a few other friends were in the Grom division, which was for kids 17 and under. Shepard described a huge turnout. “There were at least a few hundred people.” He said.

Luca placed third in his division. “In competitions he comes alive, and tries new stuff he wouldn’t usually do,” Jared recalled.

One might expect someone with that much talent to be outgoing and brash, someone who loves being in the spotlight. However, just the opposite is true. Luca is incredibly introverted. He is stoic and quiet. He’s not very expressive; he’s not at all arrogant.

Zack Dresser is fascinated with Luca’s persona. “What is he thinking all the time? I can’t help but imagine that I would be unable to fathom what he is thinking.” Zack went on to say, “He doesn’t give off body language. I feel like Ruth Beaton wouldn’t be able to figure him out.” It seems to be a recurring theme that part of the reason why everybody loves Luca is not just that he does all these incredibly cool things, but he’s just so lax about it.

“Imagine what Luca thinks,” said John-Luc Sarkis, another close friend of Luca’s. “It’s probably awesome.”

John-Luc had a lot of insight as to why Luca is so universally loved. “People love people who are different . . . he does so many awesome things that nobody else does, and everyone wants to get a taste of that.”

It’s true, people are drawn to other people they find interesting, and Luca is definitely an interesting person. “He’s so good at everything he does, it’s scary,” John-Luc reiterates.

But this begs the question. Does Luca have a fatal flaw? Is it possible for someone with that much talent to not have some sort of setback? “The one downfall about Luca is that his social skills are off.” John-Luc admitted with an affectionate laugh.


Check out Luca’s original music at https://soundcloud.com/lucapro !!!!!!!!!