New and Improved: Top Five Best Things About the New School

Photo Source: Mr. Seymour

Photo Source: Mr. Seymour

Reese Gallant, Writer

“Kinda struggled to make 5 comments,” states an anonymous student. Students at the Pentucket Regional Middle High School have been focused on the negatives of our new school foundation. To encourage a more positive perspective, 50 students ranging from grades 9-12, were surveyed with the question, “What are the top 5 best things about the new school?” 

According to the surveyed students, these are the top five best things about our new school:

#5: Technology

Technology is important to many students at Pentucket. In an additional section of the survey, many students included their excitement for learning how to use new technology. School Principal Mr. Seymour says, “There is a learning curve to the new equipment being used. …it takes time to learn all the features of the screens, projectors, etc.”

#4: Climate Control

Remember when you would have to wear your big winter jacket around school to keep warm? Or when it was too hot to focus on what you were working on? Seymour emphasizes the benefits of the new climate control system: “In the old school we dealt with the extremes… The new system will keep a more steady temperature and increase the flow of fresh air into the classroom.”

#3: Cleanliness 

No more dodging the smeared ketchup on the floor or the spilt tater tots on the stairs. We can thank the custodial staff who spend day and night cleaning, “…But we all play a part in keeping the school clean when we pick up after ourselves…,” Seymour adds.

Photo Source: Mr.Seymour

#2: Space

“Flexibility and variety were things we tried to plan into all spaces,” Mr. Seymour informs. Many students are enjoying and 

taking advantage of the valuable space in the school. Other parts of the school, such as eating areas and the locker rooms, were also incorporated into the spacious plan. 


Photo Source: Mr.Seymour

#1: Furniture 

Who knew furniture on wheels would excite high school students the most? The purpose of having furniture on wheels was to create “flexibility,” as Mr. Seymour says. He supports the wheels: “When furniture is easy to move it allows for more flexible usage.” I don’t know about you, but although they do the job, I think they also provide a source of entertainment.