Keep on Studying With That Music In Your Ears!

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Ben Drescher, Writer

Have you ever been stressed about an upcoming quiz and responded to that by rigorously studying your favorite music? I know I have done this, probably too many times to count. So many students in the modern day turn to music to enhance their studying abilities. Luckily for students, there have been many research studies done to suggest that the benefits of listening to music while studying far outweigh whatever detriments it brings. 

Reduced stress

There’s a calming aspect to listening to music that has been proven to ease student stress. Personally, when a certain song rings in my ears, I feel far more relaxed about the state of my studying. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Music is an effective stress reducer in both healthy individuals and people with problems”. 

Instrumental genres such as classical, jazz, lofi, and ambient music are all proven to relax the brain and ease stress. However, regardless of the genre, music in general reduces cortisol levels for adults and teenagers alike, according to Psych Central. 

Jake Krisiak, a junior at Pentucket High School, said “[listening to music while studying] eases my mind and makes me focus better”. The easing of the mind and reduction of stress is such an important benefit of listening to music, and so is the part that Jake mentions about increased focus.

Increased Focus

Tommy Sunkenberg, a senior at Pentucket High School, said that “instrumentals really help him focus.”

Music engages your brain and forces you to be attentive and focused on the task at hand. It blocks out distracting noise, and the music itself makes use of both the left and right hemisphere of your brain, according to Dr. Masha Godkin from NorthCentral University. All the different components of music, such as rhythm and melody, are paid attention to when you listen to it so it increases your capacity to focus. Studies suggest that classical music is great when it comes to focusing when studying since there are no lyrics to distract you.

Improved Mood

It’s hard to study effectively if you are stressed and in a state of mind, that isn’t peaceful or positive. Listening to music is proven to be an activity that enhances your mood immediately. According to North Shore University Healthcare System, music can boost the production of dopamine in the brain, a chemical that releases to make you feel good. Kade Dennis, junior at Pentucket High School, said, “music makes me happier, and in turn makes it easier for me to study”. 

Personally, everything in my world becomes brighter and more positive when I put on my favorite tunes. Music can be such an uplifting thing for people, so using it to enhance your studies is a great idea. It not only can improve your studying skills, but can also provide great life benefits in general. Anytime you get a chance to listen to the wonderful art form that is music, take it.