Nichols Village

Mrs. Nahill is currently a resident at Nichols Village in Groveland. Mrs. Nahill grew up in a different time.

When asked what significant differences there are for teens growing up now and teenagers when she was growing up, Mrs. Nahill lists fashion and opportunities as two main points.

Fashion has changed significantly over the years. Mrs. Nahill describes the way her generation dressed as “dressing with decor.” Versus present day where there is a wider variety of different fashion senses. “These days really anything goes, we weren’t as liberal” says Mrs. Nahill regarding fashion.

A large difference between the generations is the opportunities available for those growing up presently. Currently, there are so many opportunities for learning and growing. There is so much to do and many possibilities for the current generation. “You have a lot of freedom, there is no reason for your generation to be bored,” says Mrs. Nahill.