The Effect of Music

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Kat Valeri, Writer

Music has a relationship with everyone. To each individual or community, music is interpreted/used in varying ways. Music can be  a form of stress relief. Music can also bring groups of people together despite the differences between them. When people feel certain emotions whether that be, sad, angry, happy, confused, stuck, and so much more; music can help you feel understood. Music is not  just sounds, Music is a power.  How does music affect your life? 

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Music’s Meaning to Musicians

Musician Paige Mesropian says, “Music has been part of my life since I could remember. I would say that through all of my experiences, music has become one of the most important things to exist in my life.  

Music has helped Mesorpian in many ways and helped shape who she is as a person. Mesropian said, “It allows me to embrace my emotions, whether I’m listening to music or creating it. It helps me cope through hard times and support the times of bliss. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be who I am today without music.”

Musician James Valeri also shares, “Music has affected my life tremendously. From a very young age, music has always clicked with me. I grew up with all the stuff my parents loved and feel honored to grow up in a generation where music can continue to be so influential. Since I started writing my own songs I’ve seen music more as therapy.”

Valeri says that “You’ll often find me listening to certain music particular to my mood at that very moment, humming lyrics to honestly anything you could think of, or writing my thoughts and expressing feelings and emotions to the beats of my choice. I’ve always wondered what my purpose was in the world and I’ve always found it heartwarming to think that I’m not the only person going through what I’m going through; so writing music for me is like me giving back, helping anyone who may have felt the way I felt and putting my therapist sessions out for the world to hear.” 

To Valeri,  “Music has given (him) a sense of purpose and has totally changed (his) life for the better.” 

Junior Ben Dresher is a dedicated musician who listens to music everyday and plays the guitar and piano. Every day, he is focused on his passion for music. Like Valeri, Dresher also believes music has impacted him; “Music has provided me with the greatest meaning in my life.”

Dresher says “It’s a beautiful art form that can turn sadness and suffering into something sublime and awe-inspiring. I couldn’t live happily without music. I get a rush of life listening to music, and in general it helps me appreciate life so much.” 

Dresher looks forward to playing his instrument and hearing music. Dresher said that “ Music expresses the greatest of humanity.”

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The Meaning of Music to its Listeners

Senior Kiki Sylvanowicz said “I really like how music always matches my mood. When I am sad I can play sad music and it makes me feel better. It’s refreshing to hear people sing about how I am feeling. 

Sylvanowicz says, “I love being able to relate to lyrics. When I am in a good mood music hypes me up more. It enhances my happiness. It  is a distraction to me. Whatever type of music it is I can use to distract myself from whatever negative thing in my life.” 

Freshman Kate Conover shares how, “Music provides an escape, you are allowed to be with your own thoughts. It also can act as motivation or can even be encouraging.” 

Senior Jane Rizzo adds, “Music means something different for everyone. We interpret it in all different ways and we connect certain sounds to different aspects of life. It’s something that everyone understands, a way of communication, and a form of self-expression.”

Rizzo says, “For myself, music makes the world a little clearer. I get to hear so many different perspectives through the music I listen to, and when I really listen to what an artist is saying or feel the rhythm and energy, I become more grounded. Even on the days that you feel drained or stressed, there is music to listen to, relate to, and sob to. 

Rizzo states, “I really believe there is music for any situation you encounter in life and that music can always change the course of your day.”

Music is so much more than it may seem. Personally, music has helped me through so much. My ups, downs and just life in general. 

I’ve grown up with music all around me whether that be, the musicians throughout my family, making music myself or just hearing music playing 24/7 throughout my house and everywhere I go. I have always had a deep connection with music, it has always been there and means so much to me and my life. Hearing from others with similar experiences, music is so powerful in ways many people might not know. 

Music holds the power of healing. It is what brings everyone together. It’s what voices the feelings of the world.