Never too Old for Art

“I’m so jealous, I can’t do art,” is a common phrase heard when a newcomer sees the canvases of work in the art room.

People have this idea that they can’t learn, and therefore they stop trying.  They limit themselves from achieving their full potential by saying this to themselves. Judith Southard, a resident at Nichols Village, said that although she likes art a lot, she doesn’t do it, and instead enjoys appreciating it from a distance, but wishes she could get into it.

Why should anyone be a spectator in something that they can be a part of?  Art is something for everyone can be involved with.

Of course it takes practice, but making progress is one of the most enjoying parts.  Watching as your style and skills grow and with each piece you become more confident with yourself as an artist. You gain that talent you were jealous originally of.

Pick up that paintbrush and express yourself.