Death Penalty Authorized for the Boston Bomber

Fear. Anger. Disgust.

These are a few emotions one may have felt on April 15th, 2013 when brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev set off two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, leaving over 250 injured and 3 dead. One victim was 8 year old Martin Richard.

These two brothers soon embarked on what became a 5 day manhunt. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout by the police, while Dzhokhar remained on the loose. On April 19th, Dzhokhar was found and captured in Watertown, Massachusetts. Authorities now seek the death penalty for him, despite the controversy it always ignites. Is the death penalty considered “acceptable” for such a terrorist, who has done the unthinkable and permanently ruined so many innocent lives?  Or, as many critics may put it, is the death penalty too “barbaric” for this day and age?

When asked if Dzhokhar Tsnarneav should get the death penalty, Pentucket Student Danny Beaton replied, “I’m usually anti-death penalty, but in this case, with these circumstances, I would have to agree with him getting the death penalty.”

“I absolutely believe he should get it,” said Cam Wolbach, another Pentucket Student. “Although he only killed three he intended to kill many more. He doesn’t deserve to live after altering the lives of so many.”

Mr. Repucci, a teacher at Pentucket High School, believes that in this specific case, Tsnarneav should receive the death penalty, stating, “I’m not always in favor of the death penalty, but when kids are involved, I have zero sympathy.”

Ironically enough, attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who authorized capital punishment on Dzhokar Tsnarneav, opposes the death penalty himself, claiming, “The legal system is imperfect and I worry innocent people may be put to death.”

A Boston Globe poll showed that even Boston’s own residents oppose the death penalty, with 57% in favor of a life sentence without parole, and 33% in favor of capital punishment for Tsnareneav.

However, if this 20 year old terrorist does in fact receive the death penalty, could it be just what Tsnarneav deserves for leaving the city of Boston and a countless amount of families scarred forever? Nonetheless, Tsnarneav’s fate lies in hands of the court.[i]