Dual Enrollment

Imagine yourself walking into a college building, flashing your ID to security then taking the elevator up to your floor, ready to learn more about your favorite subject.

As mentioned by Blaine Senechal in his article about NorthernEssexCommunity College, dual enrollment programs at NECCo are offered to students through Pentucket. But our school also supports students to take part in dual enrollment programs on their own, which is a great opportunity if NECCo does not offer the classes you are interested in.

For a lot of kids, high school is spent anticipating college or dreading the prospect of trying to figure out what they want to do in life. Dual enrollment is a program that allows high school students to take classes at local colleges, get credits for high school and potentially college, while helping both kinds of students make high school a little more interesting.

The website StudyPoints.com praises dual enrollment programs saying that, “Recent studies have shown that students who participate in dual-enrollment programs are more likely go on to get a college degree.”

Mrs. Kohut also endorsed the program saying that, “They look great on transcripts!” She continued to explain that when the person reviewing your college application sees a dual enrollment transcript, it shows them that you are serious about your interests. Also if you do not get the best grades in school, being involved in dual enrollment shows that you were spending out of school time doing something constructive.

StudyPoints and Mrs. Kohut both mentioned that dual enrollment programs are not for every student, but everyone should look into them as a great possibility.

Dual enrollment offers a more diverse selection of in depth classes that can make students feel like they are learning something that will benefit their future; and for a lot of dual enrolment programs there is no cost for high schoolers due to grants from the state. Surprisingly, almost no students take advantage of this opportunity.

Take control of your future in a fun way that can help you meet new people and expand your horizon. Check out these websites and explore some local dual enrollment programs.