My Most Listened-To Artists in 2022

Album: Call Me If You Get Lost. Photo Source: Imgres

Album: Call Me If You Get Lost. Photo Source: Imgres

Allie Fandel, Writer

All over the world, every day, people listen to music. For many, like myself, music is a way to escape into their own reality. A way to simply get through the day. 


Tyler, the Creator

Who is Tyler, the creator in the words of Pentucket students?


Tyler, The Creator is a big inspiration, whether it’s his music or his fashion. To put it into simple terms he’s universally loved. If you don’t like his music then you’re bound to like his fashion and vice versa. His music helped me through a lot.” – Karsyn Otero  


“Tyler, The Creator has become a strong motivator in my life. He has expressed himself through music majorly, showing that he does not care what others think of him.[..] With that he is the person I look up to the most.”  – Katelyn Sullivan 


In the album, Call Me if You Get Lost, by Tyler, the Creator, he explores many messages of the unfairness in the world by talking about heartbreak. When he is talking about heartbreak, he isn’t just about a breakup; he is talking about the struggles of social injustice, sexuality, and a sense of being “normal.”


Top 2 

“Runitup,” “Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance” -Lillian Leftcourt  

“Runitup,” “hot wind blows” – Karsyn Otero 

“Wusyaname,” “runitup”- Sienna Borgioli



Frank Ocean

Who is Frank Ocean to you? 


“He is my favorite artist. His music gets me through hard times by always relaxing me and making my mood better.” – Jenna Krisiak 


Early life


Frank Ocean was raised in New Orleans and moved to Los Angeles in the mid-2000s. He released his first mixtape Nostalgia Ultra in 2012 by himself. Frank has released many singles as well as two full albums. He released Channel Orange in 2012 and Blonde in 2016. 


People’s favorite singles


“In My Room”- Karsyn Otero, Sadie Harney  

“Novacane”- Sienna Borgoili, Sofia Ricci  

“Caydeno”- Julia Milius


Kid Cudi 


Who is Kid Cudi to you?

“Great artist who has helped motivate me. He can help keep me focused on what matters in life.” – Nic Yasmine 


“Kid Cudi was the first artist that introduced me to most of the music taste that I have now. Kid Cudi has collaborated with many artists such as Kanye West, and Asap Rocky.” – me (Allie Fandel)  

When asked to vote for their favorite Kid Cudi album between Man on The Moon, Man on The Moon vol. II, and Man on The Moon III the results came back saying that Man on The Moon vol. II was people’s favorite.

Photo Source: Allie Fandel