What Advice Would You Give Your 12 Year-Old Self?

(Photo source: PEXELS)

(Photo source: PEXELS)

Kat Valeri, Writer

In our district, middle school starts around the ages of 12-13. Many kids going into middle school have a hard time dealing with self image, worrying about the demand of classes and making new friends. What advice do you wish you could go back and give yourself? 

In truth, people are so focused on themselves that they don’t pay attention to others. Everyone around us experiences stress at school. 

Senior Jane Rizzo said, “People don’t actually care what you’re doing, what you wear, or how you look. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves to notice the things you worry about. Middle school (and high school) is such a small period of your life, you don’t really realize how insignificant it is until it’s over and you see how much of life is still left.” 

Junior Ben Drescher said, “I think it’s really important for everyone to hear this when they are stressed: Things are going to be ok, everything you are going through must pass eventually. I overthought in middle school and have continued the habit of overthinking through high school and I believe that habit can really crush your soul and bring you down. My overall advice would be this: Relax a little bit, because ultimately everything will be ok in the end and the stress you are going through right now is temporary.”

Both Marcus and Brann mention being authentic. You should always be your authentic self and you shouldn’t be afraid to just because of others. 

Sophomore Sophie Marcus said, “One piece of advice that I wish I could go back and tell my middle school self is that life is too short. You only live once, so speak your mind, be honest and kind, and as always try your best in everything that you do. Show gratitude to the important people in your life, because no one really knows how much time they have.” 

Senior Jessica Brann shared, “I wish I could go back and tell myself how important it is to use your voice and stand up for yourself. People told me all sorts of things like ‘Your opinion matters’ and ‘Do what you want to do, not what someone else wants to do’ and I was told to avoid things like peer pressure, but sadly it didn’t click in my mind until it was too late and I had been hurt. Middle school was awful because I wasn’t myself. High school has been so much easier since I have found my voice. Well, sort of, since it’s a learning process.”

Hearing other people’s thoughts and perspectives on life, what would you go back to tell your younger self? How could saying something to your younger self affect your life today?