The Dos and Don’ts of April Fools!

April Fools day is a great day to prank your friends and have a good laugh. Need prank ideas? Here are some great pranks to do on your friends and family:

  1. Move everything in the room 2-3 inches to the left: It’s going to be funny when a teacher or a student walks into a desk or chair. Just remember that you did it, so you don’t do that.

  2. Cover something like a car and a desk with post-it-notes: Just imagine watching someone take out a lot of post-it-notes off their car or desk. It’s going to take them forever, and it’s going to be hilarious.

  3. Smudge something on your face, and when someone points it out say something like ‘It’s April Fools, I won’t fall for that.’: Your friends will get a kick out of this, and it will be funny when people are standing there trying to convince you that you have something on your face.

  4. Replace pictures hanging around your house with pictures of cats or Nicholas Cage: When your mom and dad gets home and they see pictures of Nicolas Cage instead of you or your sister, there reaction is going to be priceless.

April Fools Day might be all about playing pranks on your friends and family, but there is a line between being funny and being a jerk. Adding ‘April Fools’ after doing something horrible does not make it funny. Here are some pranks you shouldn’t pull on April 1st:

  1. Don’t act mad at your friends: You friends care about you and vise versa, so why make them think they’ve done something wrong when they haven’t? I don’t think your friends will find it funny at the end of the day when you tell them you’re not actually mad at them.

  2. Don’t fake break up with your partner: It’s never funny to break up with your partner when you don’t mean it. Why would you want to put them in that position in the first place? Chances are that if you do this you will actually get dumped by your partner anyway.

  3. Don’t post a fake suicide letter: I didn’t think I would actually have to write this one down, but there are people out there who joke about committing suicide on April 1st and post suicide letters. They make their friends and family believe that their going to commit suicide. Suicide is a serious issue and never should used as a joke or prank.

  4. Don’t post screamers: Screamers are when someone clicks and it leads to a video where something scary pops up in the middle or end of it. It causes panic and anxiety attacks. These are not funny, and it’s not a joke when the person you show this too goes into a panic attack and has trouble breathing.

This is not a day to cause people physical or emotional harm. This is a day to have fun and make people laugh. This is a day to be silly not mean.