Gender Stereotypes: A Negative Force On Adolescent’s Minds

(Photo  Source: Harry Styles via instagram @harrystyles)

(Photo Source: Harry Styles via instagram @harrystyles)

Kat Valeri, Writer

We live in a society that is surrounded with gender stereotypes. Being surrounded by these stereotypes can affect a person’s mind, especially the growing minds of children and teens. As kids, many of us hear or are told that things such as pink, bows, makeup, dresses, princesses, dolls, etc., are “for girls”. While blue, cars, dinosaurs, sports, tools, and being strong and loud, are “for boys”. 

But who made these “rules”? The answer…Society. 

Society has instilled these stereotypes in so many different ways, whether that be in children’s movies, clothing, occupations, hobbies and more.  


What are gender stereotypes? By definition, gender stereotyping is an overgeneralization of characteristics, differences, and attributes of a certain group based on gender. 

Here are just a few examples of gender stereotypes:

(Photo Source: Kat Valeri)


Gender stereotyping is all around us. Gender stereotyping can occur at any and every age. The most abundant things that promote these hyperfeminine and hypermasculine stereotypes are children’s movies and clothing.

(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Photo Source: Walt Disney Productions)

Throughout various children’s movies, women are shown to be cleaning, talking to animals, cooking, and singing. Not to mention the unrealistic proportions of female characters’ bodies that add to our society’s ridiculous beauty standards. This standard negatively impacts the developing minds of young women. 


(Photo Source: Walt Disney Productions)

In these children’s movies, the expected interactions between men and women are also portrayed. Many children’s movies depict the male characters to be big, strong, emotionless heroes. Scenes between the male hero and the antagonist also show young men that it is okay to always resort to violence when resolving a conflict. These movies can leave a rather negative impression on the growing minds of young men and boys.

These movies also show a heteronormative and heterosexist worldwide perspective. There are few to no children’s movies that show homosexual relationships, never mind a realistic ones. These views may lead to potentially shaping the minds of young children in a lot of negative ways. 

Overall Effects of Gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotyping widely impacts our society. It projects harmful views onto young growing children as well as everyone else in society. In addition, it creates a harmful social environment for those who are gender nonconforming or anyone a part of the LGBTQA+ community. 

Celebrities Breaking the Barriers of Gender Norms

Here are just a few iconic celebrities saying “Screw It!” to gender norms.

                                                          Billy Porter:

(Photo Source: David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)


(Photo Source: Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images)

                                                Emil Warren: Tiktok MUA

(Photo Source: Emil Warren via instagram @emilwarren)

                                                               Harry Styles

(Photo Source: Harry Styles via instagram @harrystyles)