How Do You React to a Bad Grade?

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Kat Valeri, Writer

Many students are exceptionally hard on themselves when it comes to receiving a bad grade. Some of us react in the sense of, “My life is over,” when it’s really not. But my question is, How do you react to receiving a bad grade? 

(Photo Source: Kat Valeri)

Many students share that they feel disappointed in themselves after receiving a bad grade. However, Junior Ben Drescher shares an insightful view and interesting approach to this: 

If you get a bad grade on a subject that doesn’t matter to you, I would suggest not letting it bring you down. There are more important things in life.” 

Senior Kiki Sylvanowicz shares, “I used to get really upset and feel like my life and future was over. Sometimes I still get upset but for the most part I realize that one bad grade does not define me.”

Jessica Brann says, “I do as much as I can to change it, but when I see my grade drop I feel horrible. I feel like a failure and like I’m clueless, even if it’s a passing grade like a C.”

“Elementary schools could be less focused on grades in my opinion. If kids grew up with a different grading system, maybe there would be less people like me who put their grades before their health,” adds Brann. 

“I get really upset and wonder what I did wrong. I wonder what people will think of me and I wonder if my parents will be disappointed. When all my friends come to me with their good grades and ask what I got I feel embarrassed and have to watch their faces lie to me saying it’s not that bad,” said Nina Gordon. 

Sophomore Sophie Marcus says, “Personally when I get a bad grade, I go up to the teacher and ask what I can do to receive a better grade. Maybe I will ask for extra credit or a redo or ask why I got the score I got.” 

Marcus adds, “I do think for some people receiving a bad grade is like a push for them to never feel like that again, so they try harder.” 

I think Sophie shares an incredibly insightful and important view. 

Hearing from other students made me realize that I’m not alone when it comes to feeling disappointed in myself and feeling like a failure when I get a bad grade. I hope you as well find through this article that you are not alone. Everyone gets bad grades even when you try your best, and that’s OK. All you can do is try your best and ask for help when you need it. Like Kiki shared, “one bad grade does not define me,” it doesn’t define you either.