Visit From Ryan Kath

Photo Source: Grace Pherson

Photo Source: Grace Pherson

Grace Pherson, Writer

This week, Ms. Ducolon’s Journalism class had a visit from Ryan Kath of NBC Boston. Kath came to the class to answer questions, provide advice, and share behind the scenes information from stories that he has worked on in the past. 


Ryan Kath’s investigative journalism focuses primarily on exposing taxpayer waste, holding public officials accountable, protecting consumers, and prompting positive changes in the community. He is a well decorated journalist and has amassed a number of awards over the years. Kath’s experience made him a great person to share tips for young aspiring journalists. 


Kath focused mainly on his story, “To Catch a Contractor.” The contractor, Steve Docchio, had repeatedly misled homeowners, convincing them of his skill. He would start projects, take the homeowners money, and then leave them with unfinished projects. Kath went into great detail about all the time and effort put into gathering evidence against Docchio. 


Kath also spent time answering students’ questions and giving them advice on the ins and outs of journalism. Overall, Kath’s visit was greatly appreciated and provided amazing advice and first-hand information about the field of journalism.