Should Teachers Have Guns In School?

(Photo Source:PEXELS)

(Photo Source:PEXELS)

Nina Gordon, Writer

In the world today, deadly school shootings are an issue that students in America shouldn’t have to be exposed to. Many students live in a constant state of fear knowing that there is a possibility that they could be attacked. Many schools across the country have lock down drills and safety procedures, but does that stop the issue? Does that make people feel safe?

When thinking about the major effect that gun violence has on the world today, the reality of it can be really scary. The world is unpredictable and no one can seem to come to an agreement on what to do about it. 

So the idea of teachers having guns in their classrooms may seem like a smart decision to some people, but a horrible decision to others.

Many people consider the three towns that make up Pentucket Regional High/Middle School very safe. Groveland, Merrimac, and West Newbury all have very low crime and violence rates. So, when students at Pentucket ranging from 7-12 grade were asked about gun violence, their responses were very eye opening.

Out of 100 students who were surveyed, here’s what they had to say.

This is a hard topic to talk about for many adults and students, so students were not asked to justify their answers.

Do you feel safe at school?

73% answered yes.

8% answered no.

19% were not comfortable answering.

Do you think teachers should have a gun in their classroom?

21% answered yes.

61% answered no.

29% were not comfortable answering.

Would you feel unsafe in school if you knew a teacher had a gun in their classroom?

49% answered yes.

47% answered no.

4% were not comfortable answering.

Is gun violence a topic that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared?

13% answered yes.

82% answered no.

5% were not comfortable answering.

So in the end, what can be done about this?

A majority of students disagree with the idea that a teacher should have a gun in the classroom, however, what is to be done about the students who think it is a good idea to have one? 

Should students just go their whole academic life being scared of school shooters and gun violence?

Or should the school do a better job in making sure all students feel safe with the procedures that are made to protect the students in the first place?