Finding Jobs

During a recession jobs are always hard to come by. Everyone is trying to save money and employing someone costs money. As an employer you have to pay them as well as give them benefits. Think about it adults have trouble finding a job with all of those hardships. Imagine how hard it is to find a job when you are under 18 and you don’t have your own car.

It can be a real hassle to find a job when you aren’t 18. A lot of places won’t hire you unless you’re 18. You are also limited by your hours. School is from 6am to 3 pm so you can’t work during those hours. So that eliminates a potential 9 hours of time you could be working. Then you have to factor in distance. There are going to be more jobs in cities like Haverhill and Newburyport, rather than in small towns like Groveland, West Newbury, and Merrimac. So, if you live in a small town and are looking for a job you are going to either need a ride, have your own car, or walk to work if you have a job in a city. Pentucket Senior Connor Durkin stated: “It was frustrating to find a place that was hiring in the first place, but then when you find a place that is hiring it is a whole different kind of frustration.”

While looking for a job there are a few things to note. According to Pentucket Senior Trevor Delp you need to “Be open to rejection.” Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply to places. It just means that you have to try harder if you want to get a job.

“If you don’t hear back from the employer after a couple of days, go down in person and ask if they’ve had a chance to review your application” said Pentucket Senior Steven Kolvek.

In review, although it is tough to find a job that doesn’t mean you should give up. All that it means that that you should try harder to find a job. After you have applied keep after the employer and keep asking if they’ve had a chance to go over your application.