Major Prom Myths: BUSTED

Major Prom Myths: BUSTED

Amidst all the movies, TV shows and books written about this magically twisted absurd night all teenage girls go mad over, there are many stereotypes and myths that surface around prom.  These myths need to be busted in order for all of you prom goers to call off your hormones and take a chill pill about the whole situation.  You’re welcome.

1.       You have to have a date

This is probably one of the biggest prom myths; needing a date.  But, honestly, not having a date is not social suicide; you will not be bumped down to the bottom of the food chain because of it.  Having a date does not always mean you are going to have fun, which is what prom is all about.  So, even if you have to prance down Promenade solo, go strut your stuff! And do not be ashamed for being a strong independent woman (or man.) Go for it!

2.       Professional photos are the only way to roll

Do you really need cheesy posed photos that cost you 3 months’ worth of paychecks?  Probably not.  Take legit photos of you and your date having an actual good time.  Not fake posed photos that make you look like you have a stick up your butt.

3.       Without a limo, you’re a loser

The sick reality is this people: not everyone can afford a limo.  And furthermore, not everyone is a spoiled brat whose parents will pay for a limo.  So do not go into a tantrum over the fact that you are limo less.  There are other options!  It is not weird if you drive yourself, rent a bus, or even use a truck.  Think outside the box for once; limos are far too cliché for prom anyways.

4.       If your date doesn’t ask you to prom in some cliché absurd way, he doesn’t care

Yes, it is seriously adorable if your date really wants to go to prom with you and asks you in a creative way.  However, prom-posals are never required, and if he doesn’t ask you this way, it does not mean he does not care.  Not every guy (or girl) is creative or has the time to do that.   Don’t go all ape on them for not asking you in that way.  Be grateful you HAVE a date, and then build a bridge, and get over it!

5.       You must follow tradition

Well, since everyone thinks prom is going to be a major bummer anyways, why keep it traditional?  Going to prom, wearing a fancy dress, dancing( and watching girls grinding with too many guys, which is more than a little nasty), eating the food, and of course, the numerous after-parties where under-age teens try to do anything to forget about the lack of excitement their night has contained.  Why not do something fun instead of the same old stuff?!  Get creative, instead of wasting yourself to oblivion.

6.       Expensive attire; it’s a must

Yes, prom is a time to get dressed up and feel confident, but there is no rule in the book stating that girls need to spend $500 on a dress!  Sorry ladies, but not everyone has that amount of dough!   Go in whatever makes you feel comfortable! Screw the heels and go barefoot, or wear those dirty converse shoes you have had since freshman year.  Be YOU.

7.       You need to “get down” after prom

Do not feel pressure from others, or your own internal pressure you are placing on yourself to fill anyone’s sexual or romantic expectations.  Many people and media portray it that this is what everyone does after prom, but they just got it wrong.  Prom is not where romance is sprouted and all undercover feelings all revealed, so do not feel like this will define you and your date’s relationship, he or she will understand.  (Unless they are a trash bag, in which case, RUN!)

8.       The school will come together and be BFFLS like High School Musical

At the end of every chic flic- teen movie, there’s a final scene where everyone will come together at prom for one final “HURRAH” before graduation. However, this just is never going to happen.  Going to a school full of stuck up snobs like ourselves in Pentucket, it is the farthest thing from likely that something like this could ever happen.  Prom is not about mending relationships, having a school revolution, or being BFFLS.

In summation, make prom your prom.   This is real life, and not some Taylor Swift music video.  Chances are that the person you have spent your entire high school career falling in love with, will not suddenly have a revelation regarding their internal adore for you.  But, you still can have an awesome time with your best friends!

*Unless, of course, you’re a promzilla, in which case you can get out now.