What Have You Learned?

Throughout the years of being in high school, we don’t just learn how to write a research paper and graph the sine curve; we learn about ourselves the most. We all evolve into people we have always wanted to be or people we never really thought we would become. However, as senior and junior year comes around many students begin to wonder about who they truly are, and preparing for the real world that is right around the corner may seem a bit scary. So, what do seniors at Pentucket High School have to say to the incoming students and underclassman?

Throughout Casey O’Connor’s high school experience she’s realized that “we’re all ever changing. It seems like people change into someone else really quickly, and some people will do anything to get accepted.”

When Julia Lamarca was asked about what she’s learned about herself she simply stated, “I learned to be myself, and the people in my life should like me for who I am.”  As far as what Julia has learned about other people it’s that, “If people aren’t willing to make an effort to be your friend, then the friendship isn’t real.”

Whereas, Dylan Mcaleer feels, “You learn how to love, you learn how to give, and you learn how to understand. You learn that you can love something to the fullest extent of the world, or you learn that you can hate something with all of your being.”

Although life throws unexpected things at us every day, thankfully our minds have been there for us, especially when no one else has. Mentally preparing yourself for the “real world” can leave you feeling confused, anxious, and excited all at the same time.

However, Caroline McDonough, a junior, thinks that it’s important to look forward to the future. “I’m excited to start my own career, support myself, and I think growing up helps us gain appreciation. I guess I’m just excited to become wiser,” she stated.

Although high school may seem scary, you’re always growing as people together, so it’s important to be conscious of your decisions and always remembering who you are.