Does the New Building Need More Personality?

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Emily Jones, Copy Editor

Although the new building is exciting and state-of-the-art, many of the students feel as if the building is lacking in personalization. The old high school building had art pieces or murals on almost every wall, and many felt that the building reflected the student body well. We are now a semester into this school year, and many people are beginning to express that school doesn’t really feel like school. Although we are lucky to have this new and safe building, it is important to make this learning environment as welcoming and comfortable as it can be. 


The Panther Perspective

Twenty-one students were interviewed on their opinions on the current state of the new building. As a result of this survey, 95.2% of those interviewed felt the new school lacks personality. Interviewees were then asked to explain their answers. 


Photo Source: Emily Jones


One anonymous student says “I feel like the school doesn’t feel like a school. Rather it feels like an airport or hospital … I think it just lacks things that make it feel like home.”


Additionally, Junior Chloe Hurd says she “used to love the art from the past students, and seeing the murals was a really interesting part of Pentucket’s history.” Chloe also added that she, “misses the difference in teachers’ rooms, now everything feels a lot more soulless.”


However, on the opposing side, Senior Jessica Brann says “[the school lacked personality] at the beginning of the year, but now it feels more like a school. I remember there was a period of time when we weren’t allowed to put things like art and posters on the walls. That made it feel less like a school, but it’s better now.”


Furthermore, Sophomore Jocelyn Travis says, “I do think the school lacks personality.” She noted, “you rarely see posters, murals, or other colorful items in the school. For me, this makes it more difficult to learn and isn’t as comfortable of a learning space.” 


Additionally, English teacher Ms. Ducolon was asked her opinion on the current state of the school, and she says, “I think it’s kind of boring. I thought it was pretty at first, but now I want more.”


What can be done?

Although we are extremely fortunate to have such a beautifully designed building to call our school, it is equally important to make the building resemble the Panther lifestyle. In the survey, those who responded were asked to give their opinion on what we can do as a student body to improve the schools’ character. 


Many of the responses included the idea of letting teachers have more creative freedom in their classrooms. For example, Junior Mirabel Elias-Upham responded, “I think teachers should start hanging things up in their classrooms again.”


Another common response was that we should hang up or create artwork that resembles the Petucket student body. For example, an anonymous respondent said “I think we should add things to the school that is in touch with the students and different ideas.”


To Conclude…

All in all, the new building is beautiful. However, a large number of students feel as if there is a need for more personality. Having specific pieces of artwork or posters that both reflect the student body and fit well with the building would be an amazing way to satisfy the need for personalization at Pentucket.