What Does Pentucket Think School Hours Should Be?

Photo Source: PEXELS.com

Photo Source: PEXELS.com

Kailyn Cray, Writer

School hours can be a controversial topic. This has been an argument circling around schools for ages, one that holds many pros and cons. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine touches on the effects of sleep deprivation from the words of Dr. Danner, “The results, however, are consistent with a growing body of research that many adolescents do not get sufficient sleep and that even mild chronic sleep deprivation has serious effects on their psychological functioning”.


Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2014, recommended that no U.S. middle and high schools should start before the time of 8:30, as a result of that many changes have been made to school hours throughout the nation. For example in 2018, California enacted a measure that would soon ban most high schools from starting earlier than 8:30.


 Schools around Pentucket Regional School District also have much later start times than Pentucket. For example, Newburyport begins at 8:15AM and ends at 2:45PM, and North Reading starting at 8:30AM and ends at 3:00PM. Many people can agree on wanting later start times, but along with the late begin to the school day comes along late end time as well.


 Late dismissals cause a whole new load of obstacles; sports, transportation, parents and more. Both late and early time changes can weigh themselves out and have taken the thoughts of many individuals. Here’s what different Pentucket students and staff have to say about later versus early school start and end times


Sophmore Clara Cavallini said, “I’d rather get to school earlier and finish earlier, you have more time in the afternoon, you have to think about sports, and you have to think about jobs people have.”


It is a common idea that doing work earlier makes one more productive, leaving the rest of the day free from responsibilities, the same analogy goes for students getting out of school later instead of earlier. 


Sophomore Shannon Christopher shared those same ideals when asked how getting out later would affect her productivity, “…I think if we got out of school earlier we’d have more daylight, and we can get more stuff done, whether it’s sports or homework. I feel like students will have more motivation to get their school work done if it’s not too late.” 


Another sophomore, Emily Bethmann saw both sides to the argument, she said, “ I am kinda in the middle with this one, I think I would like to have a later school time obviously, who wouldn’t want to sleep in, but you also have to think about all the things it would affect.”


Most students seem to agree on the same opinion; early start and end times, but do teachers here at Pentucket think the same as well?  History teacher Mr. Harty, said, “I like early, early is best, because I’m a morning person, and then it’s nice to have the afternoon, I feel like the day would be gone… if we were out later it would really impact you guys sports and stuff.”

With the pros and cons all considered, and discussed, the majority of students and staff here at Pentucket agree with our early start and dismissal times opposed to a changed later start and end time.