How to Choose Your Superpower

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Jacob Rivers, Writer

Superpowers have been a popular topic among the comics and mythology communities for a long time, but have you ever wondered what your superpower would be? With the rapidly increasing advancements in technology, it is not entirely impossible to imagine that one day we could have superhuman abilities. 


But before you start daydreaming about flying around the world or using telekinesis to save civilians, it is important to think about what superpower is right for you. Here are some tips you can use to figure out what special ability matches you.


First, you need to consider what kind of personality you have. For instance, an individual who is compassionate and cares for others would have an ability that allows them to help civilians, such as telepathic healing, and someone who is determined and persistent would have the ability of super strength. Understanding yourself is an important aspect of choosing the right power. It can help you hone your skills and use them to your advantage.


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The second aspect to consider is your lifestyle. If you have a busy schedule or time-sensitive activities, a good ability to have would be teleportation or time manipulation. Playing sports or doing physical labor would require a power that enhances your physical abilities. You also have to think about the limitations. If you could fly, what if it was only 20 MPH? If you had super strength, what if you could only lift 1000 pounds? 


Choosing the right ability requires careful consideration of your values, personality, lifestyle, and limitations. Every power comes with its own challenges and hardships. You can use an online quiz to determine which power might be best for you if you want outside help. This is the most accurate one I could find, and it will give you percentages of what ability suits you. If you want to, give it a try and see if it matches who you are.


Super abilities are a privilege, not a necessity, use them wisely and remember, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”