New Sports Fields for Pentucket

Pentucket Regional High School is getting a brand new athletic complex added to its campus.  After this project is complete, it will not only leave Pentucket’s student-athletes more proud of their home fields, but it will revolutionize PHS athletics for many years to come.

By the time this athletic complex is finished, it will have Pentucket looking completely different. A brand new 8 lane track is going to be put in; the current track is only 6 lanes. Inside the track there will be a brand new sports field for soccer, football, and lacrosse. Other additions include 5 brand new tennis courts, a new softball field, and a new field hockey field where the current softball field is. Another new field for soccer, football, and lacrosse will also be out where the current tennis courts are. The new tennis courts, the new track, and the new field inside the track will all be ready for this upcoming fall.

The plans for these new athletic facilities have recently gotten approved unanimously by Groveland, Merrimac, and West Newbury. Pentucket Superintendent Dr. Mulqueen shared his thoughts on the plans for new fields, stating, “Reviatlizing the district’s athletic complex marks a tremendous step forward. Pentucket is continuously improving its value for the community.”

The plan for new athletic fields has many student-athletes excited and anxious for the day when they can play on brand new fields. The Pentucket track team has not been able to have home track events because of the conditions of the track. When Pentucket Sophomore Trevor Snow heard about the new track that will be made, he said, “I’m very excited about the new track. We’ll finally be able to host some home track events.”

The new tennis courts have many of the tennis players thrilled that they will have brand new courts for the next season. “I am very excited that we will have courts that can legally be played on,” said Pentucket Sophomore Beebe Jackson.

The new athletic complex is going to improve almost every current sports field at Pentucket. Except for the seniors who are disappointed they won’t be able to play on these additions, the buzz around the new complex has many student athletes anxious to play on their soon-to-be new home fields.