Top 5 Worst States

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Adam Post-Montjoie, Writer

Out of all of America’s 50 states, there are bound to be some bad ones, with these five being some of the worst.


5. Nebraska – If there was one word to describe Nebraska, it would be boring. 92 percent of Nebraska’s land is farmland, the highest percentage in the entire country. Unless you really enjoy looking at corn, this state will bore you to tears. One of the first things you’ll find when you look up interesting things about Nebraska is that Kool-Aid is from there, showing just how little it has going for it.


4. Arizona – While this state does not lack interesting sights and sounds, all of that is negated by the heat. Arizona does have the beautiful Grand Canyon, but you also have to worry about your shoes melting into the ground during the summer. Unlike the South, Arizona does not have any coastline or other bodies of water to offset the heat. With Phoenix’s average July temperature being 105 degrees Fahrenheit, make sure to not leave babies in cars here.


3. North Dakota – North Dakota is just as boring as Nebraska, yet it is even worse because of the cold. North Dakota is the second coldest state behind Alaska, with none of the beautiful landscapes that Alaska contains. At least its neighbor South Dakota has Mount Rushmore, while North Dakota has nothing. When looking up the most interesting thing about North Dakota, you would find that the world’s biggest burger was eaten there. Wow.


2. Louisiana – Louisiana is here because it has the highest crime rate in the entire country. Yet despite this, none of its cities are in the top ten for the worst crime rates. What this basically means is that there is no concentration of crime you can avoid in Louisiana and that nowhere is safe. Also, New Orleans will probably be underwater in 50 years.


1. Mississippi – Mississippi is the poorest state and the second worst educated in the nation, while also having a fairly high crime rate. However, the main reason they take this spot is because of the flag that was changed in 2020.


Mississippi’s old flag, Photo Source: Mississippi History Now
New Mississippi state flag, Photo Source: Mississippi state government

While the flag has been changed to a much better design, the fact that Mississippi was officially represented by a Confederate flag so recently speaks volumes about the state’s character.


While the exact rankings can differ from person to person, these five states are inarguably some of the worst.