Fashion at Pentucket High School isn’t always the biggest issue that students are focused on, but since Spring is finally here, it becomes a bigger aspect of Pentucket life.

There is one questionable fashion statement that many students are making, primarily guys, that is questionable to say the least. The area in question is below the knee. Sperry boat shoes were popularized in recent years and are worn by many students, guys and gals. Sperries are a great look, but only when accompanied by the right sock.

The issue in question is wearing mid-calf socks along with these leather boat shoes. So pretty much gym socks with nice, quality leather shoes. It just doesn’t make sense. The trend is often associated with the “lax bro” look, often worn with long gym shorts and a T-Shirt.

Not treś chic.

Watch and decide what your opinion is of the socks here at Pentucket.