The #Struggle with the #WorldOfHashtags is #Real

“Dude I was so #TurntUp last night like it was so #Dope #OwnedTheNight #CrayCray.”

No. Please, just stop.  All of you leave and go join a pack of uncivilized idiots so you can be with your own kind.  Fall in a hole, start a cult, move to Africa, and don’t ever come back.  Just literally do anything to get out of my world.  Don’t talk to me, look at me.  Don’t talk to anyone, okay? BYE


I remember when hashtags were the sort of thing to connect ideas, and reach masses of people across the internet.  Hashtags started as a real useful system of connectivity that soon led to dumb things about #MileyCyrus #TwerkTeamSix #TheAssassinationOfOsamaTwerkLaden. Wow, glad to know there are other sad people like you associating slutty dance with a terrorist. Classy.

And connecting with all the people just like you? #ProudToBeAnAmerican.   No.  #LongHashtagsDontWorkBecauseHashtagsDontHaveSpacesOrApostrophes

Another on-going issues in the world of hashtags is the over use of them on 16-year-old girls’ Instagram pages.  A single decently taken selfie can possess 50 hashtags of nothingness. “#dreamer #pretty #artsy” BLAH BLAH BLAH, shut it.  #DontBeThatKid

But I can handle this, those idiot want to be philosophers across the internet using an overabundance of crazy stupid hashtags as a way to get their point across; it is when the hashtags emerge into a fairly sane situation, posing as a legitimate form of communication in a-person-to-person conversation.  It cuts through the logic, cuts out the substance and you are left with a world of slang, and talking about how #Ridonk that girl’s outfit is today.  Oh you mean how the palette of her clothing matches the leather of her shoes and juxtaposes the stripes on her jacket, that’s “Ridonk”?  What an intellectual observation.

Furthermore, the real problem is that hashtags cut down our conversations to the lowest form it can be.  Call it crazy, but at one point people were actually able to express thoughts in detail, resulting in the use of real words, and proper English speak. And yes, It is true that language is constantly evolving, simplifying and changing, but the artificiality of hashtags cause people to have a lack of skills and an utter disregard for accuracy.  #ItIsGettingReal

Hashtags are not going away anytime soon; only to increase in popularity becoming more mainstream and an absolute annoyance to here and see.  One day, kids, just like us, may be using hashtags in an English essay, as if hashtags are ethical in an intellectual argument.