Teen May be Charged as an Adult for the Murder of Pregnant Classmate

A 17-year-old Texas Teen may be facing adult charges in the murder of his pregnant classmate, Arrijana Hill, who was expecting twins.  Authorities have claimed the killer was also the father of the two unborn children.

The district court attorney involved in the case, Jeri Yenne, claims she will be pushing for the killer to be tried as an adult in the March murder of Arrijana.  “It is important to us that this 17-year-old male be held accountable and the family of Arrijana Hill receives justice. She was brutally murdered,” tells Yenne.

At the time of the murder, the boy was still only sixteen; therefore he is considered a juvenile in the case, allowing the courts to withhold his name.

Hill’s family found Arrijana’s body inside her Pearland home on March 21.  Autopsy proved that the teen died of manual strangulation and multiple stab wounds.

Investigators were quickly able to identify the killer, who was a main suspect since the beginning of the investigation.  After a DNA analysis and a paternity test it became known that the 17-year-old murderer was also the father of the unborn twins.

On May 13th the male was taken into custody from Pasadena Memorial High School.  Then he was taken to Brazoria County Juvenile Detention Center.  And because Hill was pregnant at the time of her murder, authorities charged the suspect with capital murder.

Hill’s mother, in an emotional interview says, “[the arrest] was definitely helpful in… the healing process and a little more closure for us and my family.”  Powerful words were later spoken by Hill’s mother about her personality and spirit.  “My daughter had a delightful spirit—always smiling, always happy, so I continue to remember her as that person who was always happy and always in a good mood and always smiling about something.”

Police have not released any further details on whether or not the teen will be charged as an adult, or if there were any possible motives.