Zombie Assassins 2K14

Yesterday, May 20th started the three day game of Zombies vs. Assassins. 107 people from the class of 2014 will walk around the hall waiting to take out their target. Whoever has the most kills wins.

But don’t worry, we aren’t actually killing anyone. We’re just hitting them with socks.

Sara Maloney, Pentucket Senior, was the person who came up with the idea and managed the whole thing.

“Props to Sara for coming up with this,” Cam Silveira, Pentucket Senior said.

The rules are fairly simple: each person or teams since it’s allowed for two people to team up, gets a target, and must hunt them down during hallway time. There will be no sock throwing during games, lunches, classes, or ten minute break. If you get hit during one of these times, it does not count. Once you are hit you must hand over your target to the person who just assassinated you.

“I think this game’s fun. It’s the most fun I’ve had,” said Davis Jackson, Pentucket Senior

“I’m very paranoid- everyone knows who has me as a target, and they said he’s very determined,” Tristan McCormick, Pentucket Senior, said.

Jackson further adds, “It comes to anything,”

It seems like everyone is on edge and will do whatever it takes to be the final assassin alive.

This will be a great way for the seniors to end their final year here at Pentucket and to go out with a bang.