Tragedy Hits Pickerington, Ohio

Cora Delille, 15 years old, and a bullied teen of Pickerington, Ohio, left a suicide note reading ‘thanks for all the pain…’ before taking her own life just last week.

Delille’s suicide took the community by surprise, wondering what they could have done to prevent this tragedy.  However, it became clear that she had kept her suffering hidden from all the adults in her life.

The note also mentions some of those who bullied her by name.  One of the names listed was the teen’s ex-boyfriend, who broke up with her the night before her death.

The victim’s mother claims, “She mentioned here and there when kids made fun of her. She didn’t clue me in to how bad it was.”

Her note also included statements about her father and step-father, and how they did not care about her.

Police have interviewed the teens mentioned in the note the accusations against them, include name-calling and rumor-starting.  However, they claim nothing that they have done is worthy of criminal prosecution.

Pickerington Police Commander, Matt Delp, said “There are multiple variables at play. This is just one little bit of the big picture. There is nothing that law enforcement can do with this case.”

We can only hope that officials can find the true cause behind this young girl’s suicide, and that bystanders can learn how to help those in need, or those feeling like death may be the only way out.