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Newburyport Pizza Ranking

Newburyport Pizza Ranking
Ava Greenbaum

Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming is an annual celebration meant to bring people together. There are food tents, craft fairs, waterfront concerts, parades, and fireworks all set up in downtown Newburyport. There is something for everyone this summer, Newburyport is the place to be. 

Now, imagine walking around Yankee Homecoming this summer and suddenly craving a hot slice of pizza. The soft crust, delicious sauce, and melty cheese are all you can think of. But where do you go? We are here to help solve that dilemma!

We will be ranking the taste, price, and service/vibe of four pizza establishments in Newburyport. These restaurants are Famous Pizza, Stonecrust Pizza, OTTO Pizza, and Anchor Stone Deck Pizza.

OTTO Pizza:

Sarah Meisner

The pizza was very greasy, but there was a good amount of cheese and sauce; like a good ratio. The crust was good, it was thin, but not hard. It was $14 for a small cheese pizza which we think seems like a lot considering that it was six, not very big, slices. The sauce has chunks of tomato which we like. Considering it is somewhat hidden away in a liquor store, the vibe was not the best. 

Price: 3/5

Vibe: 2/5 

Taste: 8/10 

Overall: 13/20


Famous Pizza:

Sarah Meisner

The pizza was super cheesy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it had quite a bit of grease. Furthermore, it had a sweet sauce and a very average and thin crust. The slice was $5.45 which in our opinion is a little pricey. Overall, the restaurant itself was nice inside and outside, with average service: nothing special made them stand out. 

Price: 2/5

Vibe: 3/5 

Taste: 5/10 

Overall: 15/20


Stonecrust Pizza:

Sarah Meisner

The crust was similar to Famous, as was the sauce, but theirs (stone) was a little bit sweeter, seasoned more, and overall better. The cheese was also thicker, but not too overpowering. It was $5.25 which was cheaper than Famous, but still expensive. The restaurant itself had a nice atmosphere and the service was great. One of the workers even came out and wiped the rainwater off a table so we could sit down.

Price: 3/5 

Vibe: 5/5 

Taste: 8/10

Overall: 16/20


Anchor Stone Deck Pizza:

Sarah Meisner

The pizza crust was thin and crispy and paired well alongside the chunky sauce that was not too sweet or savory. It was seasoned well and flavorful. The cheese was okay, it wasn’t too cheesy which we liked. It was overall well-balanced and we liked the chunks of tomato in the sauce. It was also the cheapest of all of the slices at $4.35, and they offered to cut our slice without us asking! 

Price: 4/5

Vibe: 4.5/5 

Taste: 8.5/10 

Overall: 17/20

Although all of the pizza shops in the Newburyport area are good, Anchor stood out by being the most affordable while simultaneously having the best taste. If you are in the Newburyport or Pentucket area this summer, we think you should try Anchor Pizza.

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